The personal success you take with you from your coaching with us is already in your nature. Let us accompany you on how to get there


The way back to your own authenticity and to your basic instinctive needs, leads directly to your individual success. We walk a part of this path together with you. We support you in your personal development with customized, flexible solutions. For your personal and professional growth, we focus entirely on your own nature. Our horses help us with this.

Their nature meets our nature

On our Majorcan finca, in the middle of untouched nature, over 30 horses live in a species-appropriate, natural environment. Each animal is an individual character, but they all have one thing in common: horses are the masters of authentic body language. As you know, “you can’t not communicate”. The human body involuntarily sends out signals continuously, and horses invariably perceive this mode of expression. This makes them unique allies for perfecting our authenticity, clarity and self-assurance.

Pure, not artificial

Our horses are not specifically trained for interaction. They orient themselves purely instinctively on the body language of their counterpart and live exclusively in the moment. They do not judge or jump to conclusions. They react solely to the nonverbal signals they receive at that exact moment – and show by their reaction whether these were communicated clearly enough.

By interpreting the feedback of the horses correctly, we learn to perceive our body language more clearly again and to control it consciously. We accompany your exchange with the horse with visible, understandable translation.

Whether it's individual one-on-one coaching, a team-building workshop, or a soothing retreat, this is how you benefit from horse-assisted coaching:


With the horses you will find new access to yourself


Communication with the horses sensitizes you to the balance of action and reaction


You learn to fully accept yourself from the horses


Through the reaction of the horses you recognize how your body language affects others


With our professional guidance, you will recognize personal mechanisms and be able to consciously control them


Your new awareness of your body language raises your interpersonal relationships to a new level


Personality development fits into every phase of every life. Whether you want a personal reboot, build stronger self-confidence, recover from an illness, or seek time out in nature: With a program tailored to your individual needs, we will accompany you on your way to the self-transformation you desire.


Our horse-assisted executive coaching hones two qualities that complement each other perfectly: Leadership and communication. With the help of the horses you will recognize and manifest your leadership qualities. In addition to strengthening your role model function and effective team building, coaching with our horses is above all a unique experience – exclusive catering and unforgettable program included.


During our retreat you will find new strength within a group you feel comfortable with. Surrounded by strength-giving Mallorcan nature, you can focus on yourself and your basic needs. Our horses support you by means of authentic, unbiased interaction to find back to your own authenticity.

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Potential analysis with Tamara Scholz

Together, we will determine in a 1:1 call how, through positive reinforcement, you can expand your comfort zone and unfold your full potential.