Horse-assisted coaching: frequently asked questions

Who is horse-assisted coaching suitable for?

Anyone wishing to address a specific personal or professional problem, develop their personality or spend time in nature with added value can benefit from horse coaching.

To participate in horse-assisted training at our estate, you must be physically able to spend several hours outdoors on our farm. The mental prerequisites for horse-assisted coaching must also be in place: our seminars are not a substitute for psychological psychotherapy. In addition, we ask our participants to make sure that they do not have any allergies that would prevent them from doing so.

Most of the participants in our coaching sessions have little or no experience with horses or knowledge of horsemanship. A healthy respect for horses is not a reason for exclusion either.

If you have a great fear of horses, do not hesitate to ask us about it; we can also offer you specific support.

In horse-assisted coaching, unconscious ways of thinking and behaving can be consciously perceived and optimized. You can also focus on specific topics, for example:

  • Effect and Charisma
  • Set limits
  • Self-perception and external perception
  • Leadership
  • Communication guidelines
  • And much more

We have different offers for individual coaching, group retreats and corporate coaching, from one day to five days long. Other individual options are also possible; please do not hesitate to contact us.

The positive effect of horses on people has already been scientifically proven in several studies. And no wonder: horses are herd and flight animals by nature. That is why they are very attentive and notice the slightest changes in their environment and, of course, in their counterparts. Since our horses lead a natural herd life, typical of their species, they train instinctive and clear communication on a daily basis. This special skill is our coaching advantage: to work successfully with our horses, only clear body language helps. Once you have learned it, it will also help you in your professional and private career.

Our horses live according to their species in herd associations over large areas and can satisfy their basic needs. As a result, they all enjoy good mental and physical health, meet people with friendly curiosity and are always individually oriented towards their counterpart. That’s it: no special training or rehearsed behavior is necessary to interact freely with the horse on the ground.

All our horses have received a natural and species-appropriate training based on the philosophy of natural horsemanship so that exercises in which we are in exchange with the horse by halter and rope on the ground ,or also mounted, are real and instinctive.

Most of the participants in our training sessions have little or no experience with horses or knowledge of horsemanship. At the beginning of our seminars we work with the horses exclusively on the ground. You will learn everything you need to know about our equipment. In some coaching sessions there are also mounted exercises, but participation in them voluntary. Prior to the mounted exercises, all participants receive a professional safety briefing from our team and we always pay attention to the safety of our participants throughout the seminar. A healthy respect for horses is no obstacle to our coaching sessions. Before the exercises, the participants get to know the horse calmly and can approach it slowly. If you are very afraid of horses, tell us about it in advance and we can offer you specific support.

We are resource-oriented and focus on the strengths, not the deficits, of our participants. Whether it is individual coaching, team building or a retreat: all participants should leave our seminars stronger than before. Our team works with great professionalism, does not expose anyone and it is our main concern that each participant can take away many positive things from their experience.

If our package offers do not include what suits you, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We will be happy to work out an individual coaching package for you and another person, with the exact process and duration you both desire.

Horse-assisted couples coaching is also available for all couples: married couples and life-long partners, best friends, professional couples, parent-child combinations and many more. Please note, however, that horse-assisted coaching is not a substitute for couples therapy or psychotherapy. In coaching with horses, the focus is on communication with the other and mutual perception. If you are unsure if horse-assisted coaching is right for you and your partner, please contact us [SH6]. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you wish, you can buy a horse-assisted coaching voucher from us; just contact us. It is best to clarify beforehand if the person receiving the gift really wants to have horse-assisted coaching in Mallorca.
Experience has shown that most of the beneficiaries wish to participate in our coaching with an accompanying person.

Potential analysis with Tamara Scholz

Together, we will determine in a 1:1 call how, through positive reinforcement, you can expand your comfort zone and unfold your full potential.