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The 5 natural elements: Horse-assisted Retreat Mallorca

Welcome to our unique horse-assisted retreats!

In each seminar, we focus on a specific element to fully explore the transformative power of nature. Our horse-assisted retreats provide a space for relaxation and reflection, inviting us on a collective journey of self-discovery. Throughout these 3.5-day seminars, we delve deep into the energies and qualities of each element, understanding and harnessing their transformative influence on our personal growth.

Join us for an immersive experience where natures magic unfolds, and the presence of our horses guides us on a path of self-discovery and transformation.


Through mindful practices and deep exercises, we explore the different aspects of each element.

The element earth teaches us stability, groundedness, reliability, patience and supports us in determining our position.

The water enables us to flow, body awareness, emotional release and intuitive insights.

The fire ignites our courage, passion, determination and self-confidence, allowing us to develop our full potential.

The air brings clarity, freedom and flexibility to our thoughts and strengthens our communication with others.

And the space that holds all the other elements and unites them with each other opens up expansiveness, spirituality and the opportunity for self-reflection and transformation.


Immerse yourself in the Charm of Ayurvedic nutrition: Delights cultivated from our land, a glimpse into the Doshas and their meaning. 

We unravel the importance of fresh, seasonal, pure, and unprocessed ingredients to harmonize the Doshas in your body.

Whether you seek inner serenity, strength through elemental energies, or simply a break from daily routine, our equine retreats offer a space for your personal development and internal renewal. Explore the vast potential gifted by nature, feel the change through the interaction with our noble horses, and discover the healing power of Ayurvedic nutrition.

We extend an invitation for you to join this unique experience and live with us and our horses the striking transformation of the 5 elements. Feel the deep and rejuvenating connection that awaits you!


The horse-assisted retreat, in connection with each element, aims to strengthen specific qualities and propel our personal development forward. Through individual interaction with our horses, acting as mirrors for our actions and body language, we experience tangible and visible changes that propel us in our development. This unique form of horse-assisted retreat allows us to gain profound insights and supports us on our journey of self-unfoldment.

Our 5 Elements Retreats

Embark on a transformative journey where the enchantment of nature intersects with self-awareness through the gentle wisdom of our equine companions. Join us as we harness the transformative power of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space in unique retreats, guiding you on a profound path of personal growth. Let the rhythmic hoofbeats of our horses lead you to a space of relaxation, reflection, and deep connection with the elements. Choose your elemental adventure and get ready for a soul-stirring experience that promises to elevate your life’s journey.

Frequently asked questions about the group retreat with horses

Who is a group retreat suitable for?

Anyone looking for a time out in nature in a group setting is in the right place with our group retreat. In addition to being close to nature and recharging one’s batteries, unconscious ways of thinking and behaving can be consciously perceived and optimized in the retreat with horses. This way, focused personal development can be part of your retreat.

Any type of group is welcome to join us. All participants should be physically capable of being outdoors and moving around for several hours. If you have allergies, please consult with your physician. If anyone in your group is afraid of horses, please bring this up with us during the initial consultation.

Each retreat lasts 3.5 days. We also coordinate the timing of the individual days with you and are happy to take into account the current season as well as your planned leisure activities.

Freely following the motto “Everything can, nothing must”, our training is not about performing. We focus on the strengths, not the deficits of our participants. Our team works in a highly professional manner and it is our utmost concern that each group member leaves the coaching strengthened and with a personal, sustainable added value.

Potential analysis with Tamara Scholz

Together, we will determine in a 1:1 call how, through positive reinforcement, you can expand your comfort zone and unfold your full potential.